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Have Your Say On Wind Turbine Plans

Press release   •   Sep 18, 2014 14:55 BST

Public consultation events to give people the chance to find out more about planning applications for two wind turbines will be held at Hopwood Hall College.

Rochdale Borough Council, in conjunction with ASC Renewables, intends to submit a planning application for two wind projects at land at Oaken Bank Road, Middleton.

The public consultation events are an opportunity to share the proposed wind turbine plans, give residents the chance to view information on the projects, its potential benefits, to describe in detail the planning process that they expect to go through and to present the initial results of survey work that has been completed to date.

Each project consists of a single 500kW wind turbine up to 77m in height and together the two projects could generate enough energy to power 527 homes[1] every year, [equivalent to 10 per cent of the homes in the Hopwood Hall Ward[2]].

The public consultation events take place on:

  • Wednesday September 24 from 3-8pm, at Henry West Conference room A, Hopwood Hall College, Middleton Campus, Rochdale Road, Middleton, M24 6XH:
  • Thursday September 25 from 10.30am to 1pm at Henry West Conference room A, Hopwood Hall College, Middleton Campus, Rochdale Road, Middleton, M24 6XH

For more information, please email or call 0845 319 3727.

Notes to Editors

[1] According to the DECC’s Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2013, Regional and local authority electricity consumption statistics: 2005 to 2012, the average domestic household in Rugby BC uses 4,359 kWh per annum of electricity – Available online at: [Accessed 15/08/2014].

According to the DECC’s Digest of UK Energy Statistic 2013 (Chapter 6 Renewable Sources of Energy, Section 6.5), the UK average capacity factor for onshore wind in 2012 was 26.2% Available online at: [Accessed 15/08/2014].

1(MW) x 0.262 (capacity factor) x 8760 (hours per year) / 1000 = 2,295MWh/y. 2,295MWh/y x 1,000 / 4,359 kWh/y = 527 homes per annum.

[2] Total number of households within Hopwood Hall Ward is 5,036 according to 2011 Census data [accessed 15/08/2014] .

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