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Blog post   •   Mar 07, 2014 09:02 GMT

Thanks to Rochdale Online for promoting Mayor Rush's appearance on Radio 1. A copy of their article is below:

Mayor of Rochdale Peter Rush made a telephone appearance on the Greg James show on Radio 1 last week (Tuesday 25 February).

Councillor Rush, who has been Mayor of Rochdale for the past 10 months, appeared on the show to take part in a new game called ‘The Mayor of Where’.

The aim of the game was for news reader Chris Smith to guess where the Mayor on the phone was from by asking five questions.

To guess the location of Mayor Rush, Chris asked the following five questions:

  • Are there any celebrities that we would know from your town?
  • What is the most interesting piece of trivia of your town?
  • Is your town famous for any particular piece of food?
  • What is the population of your town?
  • What motorway leads closest to your town?

Mayor Rush answered the questions with the following answers:

  • Bill Oddie, John Virgo, Lisa Stansfield and Mark Chapam.
  • We are the birth place of the co-operative movement, we are known for our famous Grade 1 Victorian Town Hall and we were part of the wool industry.
  • The world’s biggest pancake was made in my town in 1994.
  • 110,000.
  • The M60 and the M62.

Chris Smith then correctly guessed the location of Mayor Rush by saying: “I think I recognise the accent. He sounds like my history teacher. He sounds exactly like Mr Bamford. You sir are the Mayor of Rochdale.”

After announcing that Chris had guessed correctly, Radio Presenter Greg James then thanked Mayor Rush for appearing on the first ever edition of ‘The Mayor of Where’. He said: “We wish you all of the best and thank you for taking part in the first ever edition of the ‘Mayor of Where.’ Rochdale has now been ticked off of our list.”

Commenting on his appearance, Mayor Rush said: “I was very proud to represent Rochdale by appearing as Radio One’s very first ‘Mayor of Where’. It was a great opportunity to promote the borough to people across the country. I’m sure many were interested to hear about the ‘World’s Biggest Pancake’, which was made here, as well as our stunning town hall. It was good fun to record and I hope it made lots of people smile."

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